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Welcome to Mroute

Mroute is a multiple payee routing system that enables multi-payee e-payment transactions.
Initiate a multi-payee payment with just a few clicks.

What is Mroute?

Mroute is revolutionizing the payment industry with the first multi-payee e-payment routing and management system engineered to integrate seamlessly with any payment network.
Multi-payee payments and checks can be settled instantly without having to wait weeks or months via the old process, thereby eliminating deposit risks and fraud.


Solution for Banks

Tap into additional revenue streams by offering your business and individual customers a completely new e-payment transaction service that is powered by Mroute.
Improve profit margins by unburdening your institution of multi-payee or insurance check deposit risks with our multi-payee transaction routing solution.
Reduce operational costs within a bank's insurance claims department and back office payment operations with Mroute's e-payment and management platform.

Insurance Carriers

How We Help Insurance Carriers

Mroute is a robust payment platform with specifically designed insurance e-settlement capabilities. Its e-link system connects all stakeholders involved in an insurance claim.
Insurance carriers can settle claims quicker and easier with a multi-payee e-payment to all claimants and stakeholders from just a single e-transaction. No need to send a multi-payee check.
Our claims e-payment and management solution helps increase customer satisfaction and retention by eliminating claim settlement delays and fraud.

How Mroute Works

Mroute's proprietary platform enables a payer route e-payments to multi-payees or convert existing multi-payee or stakeholder checks. No need for a local bank branch visit, or any complicated process.

  • How it works
  • How it works
  • How it works



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